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How It Works

Get familiar with our process of lead generation and closing. 

Reputation That Speaks For Itself

Our dedication to fulfill the commitment is what makes us grow stronger everyday. Our philosophy is plain: Underpromise and overdeliver. 

950+ Realtors

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1k+ Successful Closings

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how it works

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Register yourself with the biggest network of realtors in town. Sign up and get started.

Choose A Plan

Pick a plan from our set of lead packages according to your real estate requirements.

Approach The Prospect

Connect, interact and make acquaintance with your prospect clients with the help of our accounts executives.

Close The Deal

Cater to the concerns of the client in the most efficient way possible and eventually close the deal.

Pay Later

To ensure guaranteed closing, we expect our referral bonus after you close the deal. Your success is our priority!

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

While we provide the leads to you, we ensure that our Accounts Executives keep things smooth between you and your client through consistent feedback, and help you close the deal more efficiently. We also provide money back guarantee if you find an unauthentic lead from our side.  

We do not deduct a referral fee; instead, we take 20-25% share from the profit made through closing. 

We, at Growin Estate, deal with the prospects of every category, from buying to selling, renting, mortgage, and investment. It is, however, up to your area of expertise that the prospects are assigned to you. 


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