Growin Estate

Maximize Your Real-Estate Business with Our Lead Generation Services

Are you tired of spending countless hours and resources trying to find new clients and opportunities? Let us take the reins and provide you with a steady stream of high-quality leads. Our services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of real estate professionals like yourself, so you can focus on what you do best – closing deals.

How it Works?

1. Join Us

Joining Growin Estate combines the benefits of a marketing agency and a referral network to provide professionals with the perfect solution to succeed in real estate and grow your business. Own your local market—get leads where you want them.

2. Get Live Transfers

We use over 200 different platforms to generate real estate leads. We focus on quality over quantity and enable everyone to succeed. Focusing on a small number of quality leads will improve your close rate.

3. Build Relationship
Once the information is verified, we will forward the information to our partner Realtor/broker based on the region selected by the broker. Connect and interact with leads in your area to build long-term relationships.
4. 24/7 Support
Growin Estate helps how to gain, track, and convert leads with our experienced account executives. Magic is always there for you with advice to help you get the most out of your assistants. We’ll track your weekly performance and collect your feedback.
5. Close The Deal
We know we both make money when you close a deal. A win-win situation is the result of a mutual-gains approach to negotiation in which we both work together to meet interests and maximize value creation. Knowing how to close a deal is one of the most important factors.

Plans & Pricing

Customized Plans As per
your business needs


$ 499
  • 14-15 leads
  • ISA-Verified/Live Transfers
  • 15 Mile Radius
  • Customer Support


$ 999
  • 30-35 leads
  • ISA-Verified/Live Transfers
  • 15 Mile Radius
  • Priority Customer Support


$ 1,499
  • 65-70 leads
  • ISA-Verified/Live Transfers
  • 15 Mile Radius
  • Account Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Once we generate the leads, our internal sales team calls them and verifies information such as the type of home they are looking for, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they desire, any specific areas they are targeting, their budget, and their credit score. We ensure that the lead is genuinely interested in buying or selling and is serious. Then, we connect you with the lead via live transfer.
We execute our paid marketing campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as run search ad campaigns on Google. In addition to these paid ad campaigns, we maintain a team of hundreds of cold callers who reach out in targeted areas to generate leads.
Yes, we will do our best to achieve our targeted goal according to our package. In the event that we fall short, we will cover it in the following month, even if you choose to pause or cancel our service.
Usually, referrals are transferred to our referral partners via scheduled 3 way live calls where the prospect is introduced to the agent before handing over the details. In the case, an agent is not available to accept the live call details of the leads are shared via text message and email or pursue with the prospect at a time convenient to the agents.
Yes, Growin Estate guarantees confidentiality of your data. The CRM portal can be shared with you upon request.
As soon as you sign the referral agreement, we start generating leads for you. The moment leads are generated they are instantly transferred to you.